"The most loving animals in the world are called rescues"

Every animal in this world deserves respect and love. Away from the camera I make it my mission to help save as many lives as I can through Veterinary medicine, but behind the camera I try to help in other ways. Some of these ways include volunteer work through conservation initiatives and rescues.

Having rescued almost all of my own pets, I have a first hand understanding of the importance of giving animals a safe, secure and loving place to call their own. This is just one of the many reasons I have wanted to work with rescues and sanctuaries.


In previous years I worked closely with the ACE (African Conservation Experience) donating my time and skills to aid in the rehabilitation and enrichment of at risk/endangered wildlife. However, more recently my efforts have been put into assisting local pet rescues like Finding Them Homes. It brings me so much pleasure to help capture the personalities of these animals as each one is so unique and wonderful. Each animal I work with has so much love to offer and I am so thrilled to hear when one of them gets adopted.

I have also worked with All Heart Pet Rescue and Furry Friends Animal Shelter on a smaller scale, collecting goods and supplies to help them continue the amazing work they do. Check them out!