Hey there!
My name is Cherie Weir-Cooper and I am the owner and photographer of CWC Photography. 

Like many photographers, I have been obsessed with taking photos ever since I was a child. I could always be found with a camera in my hand, taking photos of anything and everything, even if I was stuck inside on a rainy day. As I got older that interest slowly grew into a true passion. I started to learn more about what it took to be a photographer and challenged myself and my creativity.

In my teenage years, I started to develop an interested in other avenues and found that I wanted to explore other options for my future. My creative passion remained but there were other holes in my life that I needed to fill.  So for a few years I stepped away from the camera and I pursed my education in different career path altogether, animal health. However through those years or schooling, travel and starting my professional career, my creative passion left. I decided to pick up my camera again and slowly eased myself back into this creative world - soon creating CWC Photography.

The main focus of CWC Photography is family and animal companionship. Through my full time career and my passion venture behind the lens, I have been witness to the most beautiful connection between families. I love to be able to capture all special moments with my camera, whether your family has two legs or four. But the fun doesn't stop there. I also have roots in nature and wildlife photography and love to share my travel experiences with the world. 

I think the best way to describe my style is that I simply don't fit in a box. I want to hear your story, see it evolve right in front of me, experience moments with you and capture them so you can remember them forever. I also want to be able to capture those unscripted, candid, in-between moments that we are often too busy to realize are happening.

"You don't take a photograph, you make it" - Let's create together




Jackie B

We had a great Fall session with Cherie,  she captured our family perfectly and we especially love the little candid moments she caught.  We will be booking another session soon so we can include the dogs!!