Art -It's a family affair

Has anyone ever asked you, "If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be?" For many people the answer is usually a famous actor, historian or athlete but for some people it is just simply someone much closer to them. A person or relative they never got the chance to know. Someone they believe would have enriched their lives and shared so much with them. For me, that is my grandfather - John Weir. Why him you ask? The answer is simple. He shared a passion for art that mimics my own and I know it would have been something we would have bonded over and shared in together. My whole family has always been driven by art - music, drawing, creating, painting but with him, it meant so much more. To him, it was a way of life. To have someone who truly understands the serenity that comes from being behind a lens or a canvas, someone who knows the power art holds over you and the ability it gives you to clear your mind. It is beyond words what that would mean to me and I am sure it would have meant the world to him. My grandfather was not only an amazing photographer but he also could take those still shots and recreate the most amazing renditions. There wasn't an element out of his reach. Chalk sketches, ink, painting, sculpting - he could do it all. He was a part of so many different ventures in his time; dabbling in advertising in both magazines and newspapers, billboard and logo creature, capturing the raw footage of the war and even being invited to hang his creations in some important places like government buildings. What I wouldn't give to pick his brain, to watch his techniques and ask him questions. I would have loved to share in all of that with him and in return help him embrace the newer technology as the world continued to develop. He would have been astonished.

As much as I hold on to this dream of what ifs, I also know that he would want me to keep continuing to evolve, learn and embrace the gift I was given. I am so thankful to know that he gave me this gift and I will continue to try and make him proud.

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