Always a Passion

Photography has always been something I have been interested in. I was one of those children that always ran around with film cameras taking photos of anything and everything I could. There was something exciting about taking your rolls of film into the store, waiting for them to develop and seeing what hidden gems waited for you in the final prints. When the world moved forward and digital cameras became a hit, I had to have one. It was on the top of my Christmas and Birthday wish lists. The obsession only grew from here, bringing my camera along to every family event or party. Asking everyone to indulge me and pose for the camera. I was amazed that I could simply take out the memory card and upload all of those special moments onto my computer then plug it back, empty and ready to be refilled. I got my first camera phone shortly after that. There was no stopping me from that point. If I didn't have space to bring a camera along, I could simply pull out my phone and capture memories. I could text them to family and friends or upload them on Facebook to share them with the world. I quickly became known as the person to be counted on to capture every moment, every party, every simple get together. And I was happy to fill that role. Then Almost 10 years ago I received by first real Camera. My Canon Rebel T2i. The absolute best University graduation present I could have ever asked for. That is when I can say my passion really exploded into what it is today. The clarity of the photographs, the depth and detail I could capture. For almost one whole month I couldn't put it down. Finding ways to make a simple vase of flowers look artistic or capturing a family member when the light hit them perfectly. I was just so enthralled with it all. But life got in the way, as it often does when you are trying to achieve multiple goals. I was doing my best to navigate my way through my other life goal of working with animals. My passion had to take a back seat. I got through my final school year and immediately decided it was time to travel. There would be lots of time for the real world. I wanted to take this opportunity to combine all of my passions into one. Caring for animals, travelling and above all returning to my photography. It has been years since my travelling adventures but I still look back at all the photos with such fondness and I patiently wait for the day when I can travel again. In the mean time I have been developing my career, my family and myself. Those aspects have become my priority and for that I have no regrets. Now that I feel many other parts of my life have become settled, I have to jump back in, return to this passion and share it with the world.

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