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CWC Photography's "Pet Photo Bingo" contest

Are you ready for some Fall fun with your pets and family?

You won't want to miss out on our new pet photo contest, Pet Photo Bingo! The best part? You can take part right from the comfort of your own home. This bingo game is open to everyone and I can’t wait to see the photos you come up with! 

What is Pet Photo Bingo & How do you play?

Pet photo Bingo is exactly that - a Bingo game where each box is a new theme for you to capture some awesome photos of your pets. The game play is simple, you just click the link below to register and you will receive an email with the different Bingo card options. Choose one of the three cards to play from and using the different themes in each of the boxes on the cards you start snapping photos of you pet(s)! FYI the themes are the same on all 3 cards but they are in different positions on each card. Once you have taken a photo - tag us in social media using the hashtag #CWCPetPhotoBingo. The game kicks off on October 1st and runs through until November 1 (at midnight).  All photo entries must be created during this time period. No need for fancy cameras or professional backdrops, cell phone images are welcome and encouraged. This is all about having fun and bonding with your pets and family. 

How to win
There are a few different ways to win Pet Photo Bingo and the prizes you could win are completely dependent on how much you participate. Winners will be drawn from the participants who complete one line, two lines and from those who complete the entire board. Once you have collected your photos and tagged us in them on social media - you can officially submit them to us via email. Just send us an email with the subject line "CWC Pet Photo Bingo Submission" and let us know how many lines you are submitting, which Bingo card you used and include all the photos you are submitting.
There is no rush to the finish line you have all month long, however the first person to complete one of the combinations (one line, two lines or the entire board) will automatically win a prize. Keep in mind though, if you submit your photos for one combination you cannot win for another (i.e. one line winners won't win again for completing two lines etc.). Once the game has concluded (November 1st midnight) the participants in each category will be entered into a draw to win one of our other amazing prizes. While being local is not a requirement some of the prizes are from local businesses near the Barrie area.

Other perks

When you participate in Pet Photo Bingo you will also gain access to some tips on taking photos of your pet(s). Each week I will choose some of the themes from the Bingo cards and share my tips and tricks on how to get the shot. Info will be shared via social media and email so make sure you are following us. Our hope throughout this contest is that you will also get the opportunity to meet other pet parents and their beloved pets, share photos, stories, laughs, make friends as well as support many other local businesses.  


So you know the What, the How and the When but let's talk about the What! What are the prizes?  
The grand prize for one of the lucky Blackout Bingo participants is a pet photo experience with CWC Photography including a photo session and canvas print.

However we have a ton of other prizes from local business like;

  • Wilderness Raw

  • Sam's Art Vision

  • Gotya By The Collar

  • My Dog Rocks

  • The Dog Boutique

                                                           ...and many more​

Ready to Join?

Are you ready to start snapping some photos? Sign up using the link below to get more contest rules and information and be sure to subscribe to our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up with all of the fun. The more you participate the better your chances of winning one of the prizes will be. Good luck and have fun!

Are you a local business looking to donate a prize? Send us an email - all prizes are welcome (pets and people alike)

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